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‘One-way’ or the other Sothearos expansion will alleviate congestion

Sewage upgrades are part of the expansion project.

The ever congested part of Samdach Sothearos Boulevard between the Chamkar Mon traffic lights and the Russian Embassy is getting a much needed expansion. Especially since Aeon Mall opend in June 2014 the major arterial road was used beyond capacity.

Long Dimanche, City Hall spokesman, said the Sothearos Boulevard expansion encompasses 987 metres of the boulevard’s three kilometres.

Sewage upgrades are part of the expansion project.


“[The busiest 987 metres] will be expanded to 13 metres wide from the existing nine metres, and includes a big sewage system development along the road as well”, Dimanche said.

“The Department of Public Works and Transport is in charge of this work. The project started in February and is slated to finish in three months,” Mr Dimanche added. “So far we have not set the traffic direction, and this will depend on its use.” Traffic police however seem to have already declared the road “one-way” and can be watched fining drivers going down the “wrong way” depending on time of day.

Regardless of proper or improper use Sothearos Boulevard remains an important route through the city along important landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Botoum Pagoda Garden, Russian Embassy, Aeon Mall, Sofitel Phnom Penh, and Rose Condo.

Vann Varth, specialist a Land Management and Urban Planning, welcomed that the municipality now expanded the route adding that property in the area was developed before proper land management happened.

“The municipality should prepare a sidewalk and set a single direction course to will help to alleviate traffic congestion,” Vann added.

Chet Oystevexo, CEO of V Trust Appraisal, said real estate prices along Sothearos Boulevard have not risen due to the expansion yet and remained stable at between $2500 and $3500 per square metre.

“Although there is the road expansion, the property prices have not increased and there has not been more demand for property along the Boulevard like [along boulevards] in Beoung Keng Kong and Tuol Tom Poung,” he said.

Source From: The Phnom Penh Post